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The videos below are a true MRI of the diamonds with full transparency at 11 - 15 power as you’re looping it with a microscope. Other websites do not show inclusions with full transparency and education.

4989 Diamonds

Shape Size Cut Color Clarity Fluorescence Depth Table Measurement Lab Polish Symmetry Stock No.
Round 0.70 Very Good E VS2 None (N) 63.5 55 5.61x5.56x3.55 GIA Excellent Very Good D55541
Oval 1.51 N/A I SI2 None (N) 65.5 64 8.34x6.44x4.22 GIA Excellent Very Good E38486-20
Round 1.01 Excellent E SI1 N/A 64.4 55 6.37x6.31x4.08 EGLUSA Good Very Good D17871-29
Round 0.90 Excellent G SI2 None (N) 62.1 57 6.16x6.19x3.83 GIA Excellent Excellent E38826-02
Emerald 1.50 N/A E SI1 None (N) 66.5 72 7.91x5.74x3.82 GIA Very Good Good D56358
Oval 0.70 N/A G SI1 None (N) 61.2 58 7.18x4.89x2.99 GIA Excellent Very Good E38827-36
Oval 2.55 N/A F SI1 Strong (S) 65.6 54 10.07x7.52x4.94 GIA Excellent Very Good E38825-02
Radiant 1.15 N/A None SI1 N/A 62.7 68 6.00x5.67x3.56 GIA Very Good Very Good D53047
Round 1.80 Excellent H VS1 None (N) 62.7 59 7.75x7.71x4.85 GIA Excellent Excellent D54467
Oval 1.71 N/A E VS1 None (N) 66.2 60 8.41x6.53x4.32 GIA Excellent Good D56426
Round 1.00 Very Good I SI2 None (N) 63.4 59 6.28x6.22x3.96 GIA Excellent Very Good D57145
Princess 0.90 N/A H SI1 None (N) 74.9 68 5.17x5.02x3.76 GIA Very Good Good D57031
Cushion 1.50 N/A H VS2 None (N) 72.6 66 6.53x6.04x4.40 EGLUSA Very Good Very Good E26098A
Round 1.01 N/A E SI1 None (N) 61.3 65 6.45x6.33x3.91 GIA Very Good Very Good E37608
Oval 2.01 N/A D SI1 Faint (F) 62.9 60 9.69x7.23x4.55 EGLUSA Excellent Very Good E37610
Oval 1.00 N/A F SI2 None (N) 65.8 59 7.36x5.51x3.62 GIA Excellent Good E38636-03
Princess 0.70 N/A H SI1 Faint (F) 71.7 75 4.84x4.81x3.45 GIA Very Good Good E38488
Sq Emerald 2.73 N/A None SI1 None (N) 78.1 63 7.48x7.25x5.67 GIA Good Good D53571
Radiant 4.04 N/A G VS2 None (N) 67.8 67 10.31x8.19x5.55 GIA Very Good Good D56445
Round 0.90 Very Good J SI2 None (N) 58.9 62 6.22x6.30x3.69 GIA Excellent Very Good E38269-13
Emerald 0.90 N/A H VS1 Faint (F) 70.2 65 6.17x4.56x3.20 GIA Excellent Very Good E38498-01
Round 0.52 Excellent D SI1 None (N) 61.2 57 5.21x5.27x3.21 GIA Excellent Very Good E38633-04
Round 4.03 Very Good J VS1 Medium (M) 62.0 58 10.23x10.15x6.32 GIA Good Very Good D55991
Round 0.70 Excellent I VS1 None (N) 61.8 58 5.65x5.69x3.51 GIA Excellent Excellent E38826-03
Round 1.47 Very Good I VS1 Medium (M) 64.0 60 7.05x7.14x4.54 GIA Excellent Good E37833
Round 0.61 Excellent F SI2 None (N) 62.0 58 5.40x5.42x3.36 GIA Excellent Excellent E37779-29
Round 0.62 Very Good I SI1 None (N) 63.7 57 5.32x5.36x3.40 GIA Very Good Very Good E38210-05
Cushion 1.01 N/A None I1 Strong (S) 63.0 62 6.16x5.49x3.46 GIA Very Good Good D52441
Round 1.01 Good I SI2 None (N) 64.2 59 6.22x6.12x3.96 GIA Excellent Good D56457
Oval 1.01 N/A F SI2 Faint (F) 66.6 61 7.08x5.45x3.63 GIA Very Good Very Good D56501
Round 0.72 Very Good H I1 None (N) 62.9 56 5.66x5.68x3.57 GIA Very Good Very Good E38526-12
Round 0.71 Very Good J SI1 None (N) 61.8 53 5.72x5.74x3.54 GIA Very Good Very Good E37455
Princess 1.01 N/A G SI2 Faint (F) 75.7 72 5.30x5.23x3.96 EGLUSA Very Good Very Good D17783-14
Round 1.50 Very Good D VS2 Strong (S) 62.6 55 7.33x7.36x4.60 GIA Good Very Good D19706-01A
Round 3.00 Excellent J VS1 Faint (F) 62.2 57 9.18x9.14x5.70 GIA Excellent Excellent D56797
Cushion 2.01 N/A K VS2 Medium (M) 72.6 59 7.37x6.48x4.70 GIA Excellent Very Good E38827-08
Radiant 1.01 N/A D SI2 None (N) 70.3 76 6.04x5.43x3.82 EGLUSA Excellent Excellent E25922-05
Round 0.71 Very Good K I1 Medium (M) 62.4 60 5.60x5.64x3.51 GIA Very Good Very Good E37459-06
Radiant 1.21 N/A I SI3 None (N) 69.7 72 6.92x5.45x3.80 EGLUSA Very Good Very Good E21547-01U
Round 1.71 Excellent H VS1 N/A 62.7 58 7.59x7.64x4.78 GIA Excellent Excellent E37233-27
Round 1.32 Excellent J SI1 None (N) 61.8 59 6.98x7.02x4.33 GIA Excellent Excellent E37503-06
Emerald 0.70 N/A I VVS1 Faint (F) 68.7 67 5.78x4.18x2.87 GIA Very Good Very Good E38498-04
Cushion 3.04 N/A None SI2 None (N) 67.9 55 7.95x7.85x5.33 GIA Very Good Good D54171
Round 2.21 Excellent J SI1 Medium (M) 62.1 57 8.30x8.31x5.16 GIA Excellent Excellent D53472
Princess 1.21 N/A F SI1 None (N) 73.3 74 5.70x5.66x4.15 GIA Excellent Very Good D55441
Emerald 1.50 N/A E SI1 None (N) 68.6 65 7.28x5.64x3.87 GIA Excellent Very Good D54541
Round 5.01 Excellent J SI1 N/A 62.9 57 10.88x10.95x6.86 GIA Excellent Excellent D55011
Round 1.51 Very Good H VS1 None (N) 62.8 57 7.25x7.18x4.53 GIA Excellent Very Good D55454
Princess 1.72 N/A H VS1 None (N) 73.4 71 6.85x6.59x4.84 GIA Good Good D53717A
Round 1.08 Excellent G SI2 None (N) 63.1 55 6.52x6.55x4.12 GIA Excellent Excellent E37216-08